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Star Hysterical
Hang out spot for the caribbean

Group Founder: baghyst
Description: A long description. I doubt i have the time and energy to write a long description so tell you what, just tag along and see for yourself. Anyways. Here's a physical description of my something...its 5f 4....hold on. I bet you people thought something else when i said something. Lol. Little pervs. Anyway. Back to the description...awh forget it. Just tag along
Group Type: Public join
Members: 11
Category: Your City/Region > Latin America & Caribbean

Topics (3)

go hello (0) hot4blkm
i am new to the group. i wanted to say hello to everyone. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

go Bajan massive (0) cmoan
Visit the Barbados group cool links discussions etc.. A place for us to come together..

go Jamaica (0) baghyst
Just say whats on ur mind